Adventures In Pulp is a pulp inspired indie publisher and webcomic anthology. Dinosaur men, psychotic super villians, little green men and armies of the undead – we have stories for every pulp comic enthusiast.

Jigsaw World


Jigsaw World

Daniel Gideon is not a hero. His marriage is on the rocks and he is failing at his job. He is not a happy-go-lucky hero ready to step up to save a patchwork planet. But he might be the world’s only chance. This bizarre world where dinosaurs evolved into a predatory sentient species. A world infested by alien parasites and an invading ecology. A world on the edge of war. A world on the edge of extinction. A Jigsaw World..


The Adventures In Pulp Anthology Collected Edition Kickstarter

It’s true. We’re hard at work getting the Adventures In Pulp Kickstarter ready to go live. It’s a ton of work, lots of new graphics and art to create! We hope you will join us in making this exciting new project happen. Become an Adventurer today a leave us your email, and you’ll be invited to view the Kickstarter when it goes live but before it goes live as well.

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Webcomic & Publisher

Adventures In Pulp is a webcomic anthology/indie publisher. Our stories are varied and sundry, encompassing a wide spectrum of genres in a semi-shared universe. Dinosaur men, psychotic super villians, little green men and armies of the undead – we have stories for every pulp comic enthusiast. We are currently revising our production schedule and hope to start moving toward a bi-weekly schedule. Our completed stories are in full-color and moving forward our weekly installments will be in black and white.

Who is the Writer?


Brett Harris | Writer

Rocketed to Earth from a planet of teachers, Brett was raised to believe that books were grown in book stores, actors made up their lines as they went, and comics were transcribed from cave paintings sent down by the Gods. Later when he learned of a secret cabal of brilliant mad-men who live in the secret spaces between the walls and called themselves “ry-turs,” he decided he must join this secret sect. He promptly studied the craft of “ryting” in hopes someday he could quit his day laborer duties at companies like Soulcrushers, Inc. and Happiness Hit-Men, LLC.

Who is the artist?


Matthew Childers | Illustrator

When an alien crash landed on earth he sent out his magical pencil in search of one who was worthy. When it couldn’t find anyone it decided to go with the next best thing, so it chose Matthew. He was invited to become a member of an intergalactic force of grumpy artists who dedicate themselves to telling stories and drinking coffee. Clad in his pajamas with his magical pencil in hand he sets forth to vanquish evil and promote the enjoyment of bacon everywhere. Matthew loves telling stories but must face his evil arch-nemesi, indecision and broccoli at every turn.