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Jigsaw World #2

JIGSAW WORLD issue 2 – is now in progress and continuing the adventures of Dan, Cassandra and the Dino Men.”


Webcomic & Publisher

Adventures In Pulp is a webcomic anthology/indie publisher. Our stories are varied and sundry, encompassing a wide spectrum of genres in a semi-shared universe. Dinosaur men, psychotic super villians, little green men and armies of the undead – we have stories for every pulp comic enthusiast.

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Jigsaw World


Jigsaw World

Daniel Gideon is not a hero. His marriage is on the rocks and he is failing at his job. He is not a happy-go-lucky hero ready to step up to save a patchwork planet. But he might be the world’s only chance. This bizarre world where dinosaurs evolved into a predatory sentient species. A world infested by alien parasites and an invading ecology. A world on the edge of war. A world on the edge of extinction. A Jigsaw World..